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Kinergy Bulk Solid Material Flow
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Vertical Flow Units The machines are most commonly used to discharge bulk solids from storage. Stored material is induced to flow through cyclical application of vibratory force. Because the primary material mover is gravity, relatively little energy needs to be used. Cycle type operation means reliable discharge of your bulk solids without detrimental and potential destrucitve densification. Most Kinergy Induced Vertical Flow machines has only two drive components, the isolator and the vibratory motor. This means very few spare parts to stock and , because all components have been designed, developed and tested over thousands of successful installations, maintenance is virtually non-existent. Finally, Kinergy is the innovator in this specialized field, having applied Induced Vertical Flow concepts to the discharge of flake type materials such as wood chips and refuse derived fuel. No competitor can boast as much experience and success in handling these resilient bulk solids  
CamSpan II modular, trough belt conveyor Enclosed Housing CamSpan with spac capability of 120 feet or more CamSpan's walkway, support rocker shoe connection CamSpan engineered and fabricated to exact dimensional tolerances greatly reduce erection time and cost.
Similar in design and concept to its predecessor, the Bin Activator, these bins move as one integral piece.
Induced Conveying Machines These machineas are used to convey bulk solids across a distance. However, in addition to conveying, this concept can be applied to feeding, particle size separation or screening, heating, cooling, drying, singulating, or orienting, for example. The nature of Kinergy's free input and subresonant tuned drive system means: Only three spare parts to stock for the drive; Power requirements are substantially decreased versus any other technology; Maintenance is rare but easily accomplished; Operating sound levels typically under 80 decibels! When dynamically counterbalanced, there is very little vibration transmission and no need for extra foundation supports. The gentle pitch and catch motion fo the vibratory conveying surface means less particle attrition. Kinergy Driven machines can be supplied to virtually any length and width. A wide array of designs is available: equipment suited to the abuse of rugged quarry and foundry equipment all the way to light duty and food grade conveyors and everything in between. Inclined and declined units as well.
One-piece Fully molded CamFlex Belting - CamWall One-piece Fully molded CamFlex Belting - CamFlex Vertical Conveyors with CamWall conveyor belt 30% to 50% Cost Savings on CamFlex Belting
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Conveyors are used to move bulk solids or larger unit pieces from one place to another.