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Material Handling and Processing Equipment  Merrifield Company
Ask about our solutions for:   bulk materials handling, flow measurement, flow control, flow indicator, dry flow, magnets for conveying and separation conveyors, enclosed trough conveyors, vertical conveyors, sidewall belt conveyors, magnetic conveying, railcar unloaders, bulk measurement, bulk materials containers, sampling material flow, material handling conveyor systems, material flow solutions, metal detector conveyor, manufacturing process flow, industrial automation, ferrous materials separation, dry bulk level controls, liquid level controls, ... and more
Merrifield Solutions
Merrifield Company provides Material Handling  Equipment and Equipment for  Process Improvement.  Solutions from: Eastern Instruments Eriez Manufacturing Company Bindicator Cambelt Camcorp Domtec Kinergy ... and Excellent Customer Service Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia Offices in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH,  and Elizabethtown KY in the Ohio Valley
Size Reduction Equipment Size reduction is not only needed as preliminary operation for many recycling operations, but it can be economically very interesting for all those scraps designated to land fields or burning.   Size and volume reduction, contribute to drastically reduce freight cost to final destination; often drastically reduction in freight cost and storage space, justify to invest in a size reduction machines, granulator or shredder. The range of granulators is unique in its versatility and includes numerous high-performance models in terms of capacity and grinding quality.   
Rotomolding Scrap Grinding
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CMG S.p.A. manufactures granulators and shredders for grinding up rotomolding scraps.   Rotomolding is an industrial process for creating hollow items, usually of large size, in a single piece without welding. Plastic powder is poured into a hollow mold which is heated to a very high temperature to melt the plastic. The melted plastic is distributed over the internal walls of the mold by centrifugal force to form an even layer and make the end product.   This process makes end products from a wide range of technopolymers and other thermoplastic resins, the most common of which are:   - polyethylene (PE) - polypropylene (PP) - polyvinyl chloride (PVC )